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An online course that teaches               how to 
make Pinterest their #1 traffic driver while only 
spending                    on the platform. 


 1 hour/week 

Get bigger brand deals, grow your community and get steady affiliate income. 


Tired of spending so much time on social media with little return?! 

I have been there… that is until I gave up stressing about Instagram and focused on the only social platform that was making me money and getting people to my blog: Pinterest. 

I learned that I could spend just 1 hour per week on the platform and get  30K views/month to my blog... like consistently, for years. That's approximently 20.9K more readers than I got from Instagram every month.

What more traffic could do for you:

- give you the ability to charge $100's more per sponsored blog post

- give you consistent passive income (via Rewardstyle or other affiliate programs)

- give you daily new email subscribers (don't even get me started on why that's necessary)

- give you more Instagram followers, TikTok followers and YouTube subscribers

- allow your content to continue performing for you long after you make the post live


No More Wondering
Why Your Pins

getting any traffic

What's Inside

 I don’t hold back! I shared everything I learned about:

- Setting up your Pinterest profile to please the algorithm 

- Creating Pin descriptions (aka captions) that convert 

- Making eye-catching Pinterest graphics

- Setting up your Tailwind account + its best features

- Create custom schedule to spend only 1 hour/week on Pinterest

I also know that many of us are side-hustlers, so this course is designed to work on your schedule. The weekly lives are at 7pm and you can rewatch them later whenever you'd like if you're busy one night.

It’s your business and your time, but I’m here to help along the way. 

Scroll down to read the coaching curriculum and FAQ’s to make sure this course is right for you, and if it is… let’s get to work growing your reach like no other social platform has before.

Imagine having thousands of people read your blog every month?

this course will help you get consistent traffic to your blog

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